September 10th, 2021

What is fan fiction?


I am sure many of you have heard of fanfiction (or fanfics, as I will refer to them later), but let’s start with the basics. The term fanfic refers to stories written by fans for fans, made up of elements derived from their source material in order to engage, extend, or otherwise interact with the original content.

As we know, fanfiction has been around for a while. It appears that fanfics were created at the beginning of the internet, when the internet was, well, the internet. It is essentially a fantasised version of how we wish our favourite characters could live. I am sure you could find fanfiction for absolutely any book character or movie character that has ever been made!

When it comes to fanfiction, it is essentially drawing characters from another work of fiction as a means of providing critical commentary that differs from reference to the source material. Fanfiction is often reimagined through a liberal lens without following through on an objective.

Writing in an adaptable and collaborative manner

As a result, participation goes far beyond fandoms praising studios like Marvel, Cartoon Network, Disney and Gaiman, or authors like Rowling and Gaiman. While some critics are put off by the veneer of pop culture that pervades the discourse around fanfiction, this type of exchange between creator and audience is fundamental to the study of literature and culture across a wide range of forms.

Some argue that fanfiction traces its roots back to long before the turn of the century. But no matter what, this style of writing will forever bring people together. The app, Ohwrite definitely accentuates this, too. We are a collaborative writing hub where you can write collaboratively with friends as much as you want to! Why not check it out and create your very own fanfiction?

I have written fanfiction. What can I do with it?

Fanfiction can serve as a starting point for something unique to you. A vacuum in the universe does not exist. While we encourage you to engage with other texts, to take part in the ongoing literary conversation, we also want you to create something new.

No matter what kind of fanfiction you write, make sure that the concept or idea behind it is original. This is a way to outlet your creativity and formulates your very own plot twists – let your mind go as free flow as it needs to go!

How can Ohwrite help you and your fanfiction?

Ohwrite is the perfect app to support anyone with their writing habits. It is a writers hub for individuals to share writing ideas and write collaboratively with friends, colleagues or even other writers. It is perfect to stay motivated and to keep your writing stored in one place.

This app has been raved about by many authors and writers all across the web as it has really allowed peoples writing habits to flourish and confidence to grow. Why not check us out?

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