June 2nd, 2023

Enhancing Your Writing Journey with Plottr: An All-in-One Novel Outlining Software


For writers, the task of plotting a novel can be a daunting endeavor. From creating complex characters to crafting intricate plotlines, the process demands careful attention to detail. Thankfully, tools like Plottr have emerged to simplify and enhance this endeavor. This novel outlining software, as praised by the writing community, brings a host of benefits that can revolutionize your writing journey.

Plottr, a visual story plotting software, streamlines the process of structuring stories. Its user-friendly interface allows both novice and veteran writers to construct timelines, plotlines, and story arcs with ease. The beauty of Plottr lies in its ability to present an entire novel’s overview in a singular, organized, and visually pleasing space.

Unleash Creativity through Visual Plotting

Visual plotting is one of Plottr’s standout features. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can create and arrange elements of your story in a way that best suits your creative process. This visual representation helps you see the structure and flow of your story, making it easier to spot plot holes, inconsistencies, or areas that need more development. This freedom to manipulate and experiment with story components can unlock new levels of creativity and story complexity. For a detailed guide on how to maximize Plottr’s visual plotting feature, visit their Visual Plotting Guide.

Comprehensive Character Development

Another standout feature of Plottr is its character development tool. You can create rich, detailed character profiles, complete with backstory, personality traits, relationships, and even images. By centralizing character information, Plottr makes it easier to track character arcs and ensure character consistency throughout your novel. To learn more about creating compelling characters with Plottr, check out their Character Development Guide.

Series Management

If you’re writing a series, Plottr’s series management feature is invaluable. It allows you to keep track of plotlines, characters, and settings across multiple books. This helps maintain continuity and consistency throughout the series, saving you from the tedious task of cross-referencing previous books manually. Explore the series management feature on Plottr’s Series Management Guide.

Customizable Templates and Filters

Plottr comes loaded with customizable templates that follow popular story structures like the Hero’s Journey, Save the Cat, and more. If you have a unique structure in mind, you can also create a custom template to suit your needs. Additionally, the software’s filtering options allow you to view specific plotlines or characters, making it easier to focus on particular aspects of your story. To get started with templates and filters, see Plottr’s Templates and Filters Guide.

Exporting Options

When you’re ready to write your story, Plottr offers several exporting options. You can export your outline into a variety of formats, including Word, Scrivener, and Google Docs. This allows you to transition smoothly from the planning phase to the writing phase, ensuring that all your carefully planned details are at your fingertips as you write. Learn more about the different exporting options from the Export Guide.

Community and Support

Lastly, Plottr has a dedicated community and a robust support system. There are community forums, webinars, tutorials, and even a Facebook group where you can connect with other Plottr users, exchange ideas, and seek help if you encounter difficulties.

In conclusion, Plottr is more than just a novel outlining software. It’s a comprehensiv

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