Word Sprint with your friends.

Meet your writing goals by word sprinting with your friends

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Word sprinting app

Write together

Create a sprint room and start writing with your friends. See each other's word counts and keep each other accountable.

Set your own sprint timer or use our global one, which resets every half an hour. All your work is kept private and saved in the browser as you type.

Track word counts

Keep track

Track your word count and see your progress over days, weeks, and months in easy-to-read graphs.

Word counts are automatically tracked as you type.

Writing tool in dark mode

Dark mode

Use the Dark Mode feature to reduce strain on your eyes while doing writing sprints with friends.

Frequently asked questions.

What's a word sprint?

A specific amount of time during which you focus specifically on writing as many words as possible. No distractions. No stopping. No editing! The goal is to write as much as you can within the given timeframe. You can set your own time limit, use the universal timer, or switch off the timer altogether and just let the words flow limitlessly!

Yes. Always. We take privacy and security seriously. Only your word count is visible to other writers in a sprint room. The words you write are never sent to ohwrite; they are stored on your computer and visible only to you.

You can create as many rooms as you like and share them with writing buddies. Each writer in a sprint room can see the others' word counts and everyone can choose their own timer options. There is also a discreet chat window. If you move to a different sprint room, the words you've written will follow you.

No. Words pasted into the editor will be reflected in the progress bar when you are in a sprint room, but they will not be recorded in your stats or show up in your graph. Only words typed in the editor will be recorded and tracked.