September 18th, 2021

Can you make money from writing full time?


I wonder how many times writers have heard that they need to get a ‘proper job’, but they have no idea how wrong that statement is! In the society of today, writing is a great money maker and can definitely be deemed as a full-time career! So, for all you budding writers out there, keep reading and find out how you can make all of your writing dreams be turned into a reality.

Freelance magazine journalism

Has your mind ever wandered to an article in a magazine that you feel you know more about than the author with the particular subject? Contributing freelance articles to publications doesn’t require you to be a journalist. Writing for magazines can turn your specialism, hobby, or all-consuming interest into a money-spinner. Experts on specialist topics are often commissioned to write clear, knowledgeable articles for niche titles. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you need to be a known journalist to write – we have all started from the bottom!

Write content for blogs and websites

Content writing is a lucrative business with everyone having an online presence. Content writers can post their freelance profiles on sites and can offer their writing services. Make sure you are specific about the skills you have to offer, familiar with the going rates for the type of work you’re looking for, and realistic about the fierce competition you’ll face. But again, if you believe that you could be the perfect fit for a project, have the confidence to put yourself forward!

Write online articles

There are many online sites that pay money for individuals to submit articles on a wide range of topics. Some of the main ones could be Buzzfeed and Vice! It is always best to check out the rules and regulations beforehand to make sure that you are applying for something worthwhile.

Although online budgets are generally lower than print budgets, you may still have to pay a fee, particularly if your piece is not a part of the promotion for your own product. Magazine brands typically require regular content for their online content.

Self-publish your book

Independent authors can self-publish on Amazon, and if they’re marketing-savvy and commercially minded, they have a good chance at generating income from their books. Authors who are successful in self-publishing are usually prolific, write in commercial genres, and like to market their books through social media.

As writers, there are so many opportunities out there to make a career out of something that is loved. It is a case of researching openly and inserting yourself into the world of budding authors. No matter what your writing style is there is always something out there that can tickle your fancy and suit your preferences.

Writing is a beautiful way of expression and there are many people out there searching for that special writer that can voice their minds and relate to others. Could it be you? Have that confidence to put yourself out into the world of words!

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